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 LOGANIC  LOGAN Werke 1 - Leinwand Werke 2 - Papier Text Deutsch/Englisch Biografie Ausstellungen
Biografie Loganic Logan
1971 born in Augusta/Georgia, USA
Loganic is visually a nomad. He creates interesting new worlds in which to travel and unique characters to encounter. The process itself is a journey, a "faith walk" from the first stroke to the last minor detail.
Loganic discovers forms, primarily through serendipitous mark-making and spontaneous creation. From a tapestry of strokes and chaotic lines, he begins his visual discovery, an excavation which allows him to play in his work, in order to unearth strange and uncanny characters.
His method of creation is a blending of illustrative technique and free expression. He begins by "doodling", working from chaos to order, from care-free mark-making to fine-tuning edges and line execution.

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